It’s pretty exciting when you get to meet lovely people. Double exciting when it’s the studio manager and recording engineer for your next record. We were lucky.

I must admit. I knew them both a little before. Joe is the younger sibling to Megan Henwood, she’s pretty unreal when it comes to songwriting. BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Musician of the Year award I’ll have you know. And Tom, I met him in a field.

The first time we hung out with these guys was in Winter 2015. We were all pretty excited to be at Henwood, it was the first time we’ve been in a studio since 2008. It was also Shauns debut in the studio on guitar, so a special time really. Although saying that, he’s a tough cookie to wake, needing copious amounts of caffine. Not to mention the man cuddles from Dave. Need less to say, Joe and Tom made us feel right at home.

Over that time we got to hear more about their awesome band Nubian Twist. I suggest you check them out if you’ve not heard of them before. A jazzy, brassy orgasm of Miles Davis goes Afrobeat.

However, the best thing about this dynamic duo was being in company of two good friends. Great to make you feel at ease. And to top it off, Joe offered to play baritone on our album too.

In our second session, recording brass, we had ear to ear smiles when the bari joined in. Joe playing like a boss. I was stoked to hear him solo over Dreams of Yesterday, that’s the song about my dog Louis who we had put down a little while back. Joe made it count.

So with that. Joe and Tom, we salute you.