There are some days where you complain that nothing ever happens. It’s like the world has conspired against you. The only live music in your town is BABA, an upbeat West Country cover act playing the hits from the 70’s quartet, ABBA. Then you come across this, the day when Shropshire ska music put out. Not just a little bit mind you, we’re talking about two of the most premium ska bands in the country, Smoke like a Fish and Fight the Bear.

Shropshire ska music: what’s it all about?

I’m going to use the term Shropshire ska music very lightly because, for one, they’re not playing ska from the 80s or 90s. That’s because these guys have progressed the genre that far. It’s probably like saying to a Jamaican, ‘oh hey, I play ska’, when actually you play to a bunch of ageing scooter nuts. Now there’s nothing wrong with ageing scooter nuts, I have lots of friends who love ska and scooters. But the UK ska scene has a problem, loads of these scooter folk are stuck in some sort of time warp where music has to be 2 tone like The Lambrettas, Bad Manners, Madness or The Specials. If it doesn’t fit, they’re not interested. Play Monkey Man they shout, ‘go fuck yourself’ is our reply.

Now what’s great about the ska music that’s happening here in Shropshire this weekend is they’re not your ordinary bands. Smoke like a Fish have more ska punk band ethos like The Clash, kinda like our old band Catch-it Kebabs. Fight the Bear have an indie lilt to them, but they still rock the offbeat like ninjas. Both are incredibly great fun. I might add that Smoke like a Fish are from the border town of Newtown in Powys, so technically not from Shropshire, but they’re close.

Five reasons to support Shropshire ska music tonight

  1. These guys have three albums under their belt each, a loyal fanbase across the UK and Europe.
  2. They don’t play Monkey Man.
  3. Both venues are free entry tonight, so it’s only going to cost you your beer money.
  4. It’s like cardio, but without the other gym wankers.
  5. We never have ska in the main towns in Shropshire, show your support and let’s give cover bands the boot.

Where to see these guys play?

Fight the Bear

Albert’s Shed, Shrewsbury, Shropshire | 30/06/17 | From 9pm

Smoke like a Fish

The Haygate, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire | 30/06/17 | From 11pm