Audio Soup Festival is upon us!

That’s right. The event of the year, held in one of the most amazing places in the United Kingdom. A place of chaos and carnage, late nights and early mornings, and one with friendly faces all around. That’s right, it’s Audio Soup Festival 2017.

The Soup: Why we love it

For a starters, it’s on the borders of Scotland in a place called Cranshaws. Now, it’s not likely that you’ll pass by this place as it’s fairly out in the middle of nowhere. But that’s good. What makes the Audio Soup Festival so bloody brilliant is that it is like being on desert island. Once you’re oot here, you’re no going anywhere, ken! But why would you want to?

We’re not just talking Scotch broth here

Have you ever wondered what kind of amazing bands exist that don’t get heard because they’re based in Scotland? No, I’m not talking about Franz Ferdinand or Biffy Clyro, we’re talking about the bands with grit. There’s loads of talent bubbling away under the iron curtain of mainstream media, here’s a few we like:

Make your Audio Soup adventure

We’d love you all to come and check out this amazing festival. Tickets are only a snip at £75 for a whole bloody weekend, that includes camping. Plus there’s loads more to do than just watch bands. There are craft workshops, movies and loads more activities. On top of that, the ale and cider is amazeballs, you have to try whiskey cask Thistly Cross cider made in Dunbar, just up the road from Cranshaws.

Find out more about our favourite little Scottish festival