Llandrindod Wells – Where on earth is it?

That’s a bloody good question, I might add. Llandrindod Wells is a town within Radnorshire in the County of Powys. And why this matters is we’re playing there today 22/06/17 at the Radnor Fringe Festival 2017. We’re pretty excited to be headlining this event, for one, we love Wales we do. Secondly, we’re playing with our awesome friends Cartoon Violence.

To commemorate this occasion, I thought I’d pull together 5 facts about the town to encourage you to get down and have a ska/reggae Friday eve.

  1. Llandrindod Wells and a Caribbean relation

    As it happens, Llandridod Wells exists within the county of Powys which is roughly the same size as Trindad and Tobago (an area of 5,179 km² or 2,000 sq miles).

  2. They found sulphur springs

    And for this reason, people began to travel to Llandridod Wells to experience the medicinal benefits since 1756.

  3. Success was Llandod’s downfall

    Back when the springs were first established many rich folk visited the town. Soon gambling became widespread and the villans took over the town.

  4. It was a Victorian spa town

    Fortunately, after a spell of impoverishment, the Victorians made the town great again.

  5. Mighty Vipers are playing there tonight

    That’s right. Come check us out. We’re playing on the Under the Canopy stage at 10pm on Fri 23rd June 2017.

Find out more at www.radnorfringefestival.com.