As a band most of us have played together for a long time. Like 13 years. In that time we enjoyed bouncing around the UK in the Catch-it Kebabs. We released two albums, and then things got stuck. Guitarists came and went, as did brass players. We never kept things fixed for long, and that took its toll.

By 2011 we had run out of steam. Kebabs had run its course. It was a shame too because we’d almost wrote our third album, limping as we went. We still had lots of fans, many of them are our lovely friends too. We didn’t want to send the Kebabs into the ground with a half-baked effort. So with that, we decided to do something drastic.

As we teetered on the edge, we managed to find a young chap called Shaun. If you meet him, you’ll go, ah, this man is the real deal. He lives music. As it happens, Shaun and I can smash out a tune or two. It took us a while to find our feet, but along with a few new Kebab songs ‘Duckhouse Swing’ and ‘Weekend in the City’, we wrote the rest of our forthcoming album.

But wait, that’s not all.

We also met two new horn players, Andy and Ste. Now we weren’t just packing an awesome guitar player, but a bossing brass section.

So far we’ve personally spent £1500 at the awesome Henwood Studios tracking bass, drums, and brass. At home we’ve tracked the keys, guitar and Daves vocals (which are almost done). That just leaves my vocals, and some percussion! After that, we need to mix and master, which for the sake of our band needs to be done by an outsider :)

We’ve played some awesome gigs with lots of lovely people. And we’d love to do this more. But unless we can get some help from you lovely people, we’ll never get from the starting blocks. That’s why we’re asking for you to join partnership with us.

We’re not just asking for free money. For every pledge, you’ll get a copy of our new album, and there’s additional offers like LP Vinyl, CDs, T-Shirts, VIP passes, and more.

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