With the Summer gone and the golden hues of Autumn arriving, so begins a new chapter in our story. We’re ready to put out our first release. It’s been a while to get to this point, but we wanted to put out the very best we have.

We start recording our debut EP in mid-November at Henwood Studios in Oxford. Henwood is run by our friend Joe and his compadre Tom Excel. We’re excited to play there ‘cos both Nubian Twist and Megan Henwood recorded there, and their records sound ACE!

What to expect

Rawkus grooves, blazing horns and much, much more. It’s pretty hard to pinpoint our sound, but if I was gonna hazard a guess, then this:

“Like primary coloured paint bombs of melody exploding in the street, merging the grit of the roadside with protest optimism”

Inna bit.




lining the sidewalk with new colours