June saw the release of our new music video for the single ‘Cities on Fire’. The track was written in protest against the disinformation and rampant impunity of those in power. The denied opportunity that our failed system supports, yet attempts to hide from view.

Democracy is an ideology that relies on an independent fourth estate to question and hold to account those in power. But within the capitalist machine who really owns the news agenda?

The video was produced by Katie Romney of Inspired in Spirit alongside the StoryThreads agency and was painstakingly made using just newspaper cuttings and stop motion techniques. No photoshop was used in the making of the video.

It took over a year to film including a house move! I can only imagine the task of carrying a van full of newspapers (kindly donated by Shrewsbury Library) down two flights of stairs and then driven across town, only to be lugged back up another flight of stairs was not what Katie’s poor boyfriend envisaged doing on his day off.