It’s been a while since we did a little update as to what we have been up to recently. We have had the oppurtunity to do some great gigs these last few weeks and have got to see lots of pimp bands as well.

The first of these was the always awesome Audiosoup. Some of us were fortunate enough to get to the sunny climbs of Scotland a day early and got to soak up the vibe of this fantastic event.

After an afternoon of catching up with old friends and sampling the best local brews the bar had to offer we hung out and got to check out the almighty Pummel featuring several members of our old pals Taking Chase. An immense performance by these guys! Later on it all became a bit of a buckfast/thistly cross fueled blur but another stand out band from the night was Rumba De Bodas…check em out, apologies to the other bands we danced to/talked to we were quite pissed by then and can’t remember names!

At some point in the night we eneded up chatting with the main man (Ali), it turned out that some band or another couldnt make it and would we mind playing higher up the bill on Saturday. As we said it’s all a bit of a blur but we ended up headlinging the main stage somehow!

Saturday arrived as did the grey clouds overhead. It held off throughout the day and we once again were treated to some quite outstanding displays of musical prowess. Particualrly the sets of Certain Death and Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, both these bands are well worth your listening pleasure, or even better, seeing them live.

By the time we hauled our tired old asses up onto the main stage to set everything up, the heavens had opened, serious scottish rain that doesnt mess about! It proper tipped it down through our entire set but that didnt seem to stop the incredible Audiosoup crew from dancing like nutters throughout the set and even getting us to do a cheeky encore! Big love to the crowd and our long time friends Leeroy and Stu for doing the sound for us.

We can’t mention the set without giving a special mention to our bud Keiran who was drafted in at the last minute to cover for our missing trumpet player. He did a stellar job and we look forward to playing with him again soon.

After the set, gear was packed, beers were drunk, cocktails were swigged, dance moves were thrown down and mud was fell in. All in all a great weekend and a fantastic chance to hang out old and new friends and dance like a tit.

Cheers Scotland, we look forward to being in you again soon!