It’s finally happened. Oh, it’s finally happened.

Yes folks, we’ve got CDs of Elemental available for sale now. We’ll ship anywhere in the world. And we’ve got classy t-shirts too.

Imagine it, only a few hours ago you were thinking, shit, I need some pumping summer tunes to get me in the mood for festival dancing. I can feel my calves are not as tight as they were, dancing is gonna be tough.

Well let me tell you.

The Mighty Vipers ‘Elemental’ is what you’re looking for. 40 plus minutes of exhilarating music that you can dance to in your own home. That’s right. Push the sofa to the side of the room. And the coffee table too. Maybe use that as a step as you jump onto the sofa.


we’re not finished.

Get all your mates round and download phone strobe. Pop the CD into the player.

What! You haven’t got a CD player?

OK find a mate with a car or get your own car. Drive with your friends in the car to somewhere really dark. Think carpark, woods, dogging sites and that kind of thing. OK, now climb on your roof. Play the tunes real loud. Have one person in the car switching on all the lights light they just don’t care.

That’s good. That’s good.

First though, BUY OUR CD.